Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nearly a finish

I Have been working on the Collingwood quilt this weekend, I have done the quilting, actually I found that quite hard wrangling the fabric through the machine...anyway I got it done, laid out the quilt on the dining table, measured it up for the binding, twice and then a third time, only to discover I had made it too long!! Ahhhh!!!! The quilts for  Aussie Hero Quilts  have to be a certain size! Woops!! So the top and bottom are going  to be chopped off!! Problem solved!!
Pinned and ready to go!

Working on the quilting, I cannot believe how much fluff this black fabric picks up, every time it brushes on the wadding it comes away with white fluff!!

It is worse than dog hair and to be honest there is probably dog hair on here too!! Lol!

Moving down to the 'under the flag' area.

Done and ready to bind......but it is too long,

now it isn't, it has been chopped!!!!

Binding on and ready to hand sew on to the back and then I begin the mammoth task of getting all the fluff off!
And of course the supervisor is still on the job!
Happy sewing!


Farm Gate Creations said...

Well done Sue, it is looking fabulous. Your supervisor still doesn't look to impressed.

Moose-ings said...

Your supervisor is very relaxed! Cool quilt!

retdairyqueen said...

It loos great Some Aussie hero will love it

shez said...

Looks great Sue and what a lovely thing to do.xx

Elyte said...

I think all your efforts will be very much appreciated. Don't think that the supervisor is earning his/her keep.

Christine M said...

Great job Sue!

Fiona said...

well done ..... looks great.... black and fluff... painful !!
cute supervisor...

marina said...

great job!
Have fun 'defluffing'!