Thursday, June 30, 2016

EPP link up and FNWF

Isn't it amazing the difference a day can make!
Out for a walk yesterday morning

another beautiful sunrise, 

the Supervisor giving me the hurry up!!

But today it is overcast and gray

we still, had a good walk though..

poking around in the garden I see a dwarf magnolia is having it's first every flower!!  Will have to keep an eye on that. :-)

The Aussie Hero quilt is ready to go...front, 

and back,
I am linking up with Anthea of Hibiscus Stitches for the monthly celebration of all things EPP

some black hexies to go on the hexie quilt

and the strips for the sides are slowly growing.
It is also time to sign up for Friday Night with Friends over at Cheryll's place 
a great evening of sewing with virtual friends from all over.
The weather has packed up here this afternoon, we have heavy rain and gusty winds, good for sitting and sewing, and that is what I am off to do!
Happy sewing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue great pics my friend I think Tupai enjoys his walks with you.
Lovely work there Sue,you have achieved a lot ,hope you have a lovely afternoon ....

Melody said...

Even when it is cold, you live in a magical place.

Christine M said...

Great photos, Sue. See you tonight!

Cheryl said...

Such beautiful photos from your walk Sue. Love your Aussie Hero quilt - well done on a beautiful quilt

Ondrea said...

Some very pretty side hexies there. Love your Aussie Hero quilts, always lovely. Good to see some sunshine. The garden is doing some weird things lately. I have just had some bulbs come up with their green leaves already!

Lin said...

Beautiful photographs and a great quilt. Good to see your hexie progress. xx