Saturday, August 6, 2016

FNWF update

I was sewing away last night and hubby was organising dinner, his night to cook, which means he orders in pizza, only to ring and find they had run out of gluten free bases!!  No pizza for me, so we decided to have fish and chips instead!! Meant I had to go and get it but at least I didn't have to cook. I did manage to get quite a lot done so I was a happy sewer!
some stitches were done on the hexie quilt

I made one more New Hexagon block, this project has been sadly neglected!

and the binding and hanging sleeve are on the wall hanging...just need to stitch down the sleeve edge. Wobbled off to bed at 11.15pm!!! Happy but tired!!
You can see what the other FNWF'ers did by visiting the lovely hostess Cheryll.
Today I have been to a UFO day at Port Arlington, soup and rolls were supplied for lunch and much chatting and sewing happened
Jill working on her clamshells carefully!!

Judy and Carleen sewing away

Barbara was working on her beautiful quilt...

with the most beautiful Japanese fabrics
it took me from 10.30 until 2pm to make this star block, not perfect but I am happy with it, it will go with the other Star blocks I have is called the Pinwheel Star, there was quite a lot of unsewing today!!!

I also joined a challenge from the Gisborne Quilters ...we were given a country and had to come up with a quilt, could be from postcard to one meter square... the country I was given was Finland. So after much pondering I decided to draw in chalk on the purple fabric, paint in some areas and then free motion quilt...this represents the mountains and the Northern lights.
Happy sewing.


Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

What a busy beaver you were on Friday, great to see what the ladies are working on. Love how you did your Finland quilt.If you are after a great gluten free pizza have a look at the cook books by Emma Galloway of the My Darling Lemon Thyme blog. I use both her cook books all the time.

Have a great Sunday.


I am said...

Hi my lovely friend ,wow that quilt looks amazing ,and gee that the wall hanging looks fabulous too,oh my you sure are on a roll .nice to have a night off cooking
Good to see the girls ,they were all so busy ,must try and get there soon ,enjoy your evening my friend xx

Jo said...

Looks like a great day..

Jo said...

I also see that you had a very late night... Sound a so good

Diane Sloan said...'ve got a lot going're quilt is looking fantastic.

Raewyn said...

Lots of yumminess, Sue. As well as a productive evening, it looks like you had a great day sewing. Like your latest blocks - the tricky star looks perfect - and the Finland piece is lovely too. You have GF Fish and chips - oh wow, lucky you :-)

Julimond said...

One more blog with Hexies ;-))
And your stunning. Wonderful.

Greetings from Germany

Helen said...

Another busy day with lots of beautiful projects to see and do. Love your wall hanging !!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

A very busy day for you Susan!

Can I just say about the gluten free bases:....It's a big story but I can fill you in when I see you:

In France they prove their dough for approx 18 hours. In a that time the gluten and the yeasts etc do their work and this breaks down the gluten and kind of like pre-digests it all. This is easier on our stomachs....especially gluten intolerant ones. I have been told that a lot Australia proves their dough for 1 hour. Artisan Bakers generally prove 12 hours and sometimes another 4 or so. A 12 hour prove is good. Bakers Delight proves their Sourdough for 12 hours. I met a Baker overseas and she confirmed the proving side and the digestion. Look up Gluten Free and Sourdough for more info.

Which brings me to the bread/pastries in France. A Herbalist told me that she has had Clients go to France and eat all this and nothing happened. Once when Julie Goodwin the Masterchef was in France doing a Croissant course I asked her how the Gluten Intolerant people went over there. She replied she had. A gf Canadian in her class that was eating everything and nothing happened. (I did this through her blog). So I tried it! We'll blow me down I was eating it all over there.

Over here we have 2 Cafes that prove their Pizza Dough overnight. Yep, tried it and nothing happened. We have an Indian Restaurant that proves their Naan bread overnight. Tried that, nothing happened. A gf lady I know went to a Baker and he had 36 hour Sourdough...she tried it and nothing happened.

In France my Son said after watching me eat (I started off very slowly)...Mum it's not the thing itself (flour) it's the process!

I saw on the Living Room that there is a French trained lady...Agathe Kerr (from memory) is making Croissants at South Melbourne Markets and proving them overnight.

Sorry to ramble on but I'm happy to,talk with you more on this if you like!

I/we need to go to those Markets! I love Slow Food!

Ondrea said...

OMG! Did you really make that scene quilt!? I love the texture, the way you've painted and quilted it. Your star block is amazing and I am not surprised it took you so long to make it. Well worth the effort.

Leeanne said...

Wow that was a big night of stitching! I fancy fish & chips ( or "Fush n' Chups" :-) every now and then, just seems to hit the spot!

Anthea said...

Sue I'm perplexed... are you applique'ing your hexy flowers to the black background... or are these the edge flowers being stitched to a border? Either way, your work is looking fabulous...

Fiona said...

what a lot of lovely sewing... you got heaps done... Isn't it amazing how we can spend so long on a single block?

retdairyqueen said...

So much loveliness there
You seem to have achieved a fair amount even if you did have to go get the tea xx