Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Here it is

Tuesday already!! The days are zipping by!! I had a great weekend, Adam and David cooked a roast on Saturday night which was wonderful, on Sunday Shane came here and we had lunch out at the Flying Brick Cider Co, which was great. I learned recently the locals around here call the yellow tailed, black cockatoos, flying bricks!! I thought they flew ok!! Lol!!
posing after Sunday lunch!

Back home we had present giving, Adam had his birthday earlier in the week and Shane had brought goodies from his trip to the US

work is continuing on the Aussie Hero quilt on and off over the weekend.

progress so far

On Monday afternoon the sun came out and some mulch was spread on the garden, Shane had been working not just resting on the shovel! Lol!!

David finished spreading..

the back yard looks really good this afternoon, although we have a mosquito infestation, which I hear is happening all over Geelong and the Bellarine, we have had so much rain and there is so much water around the mosquitoes are breeding rapidly....I hope the frogs I hear around the area are eating the larva for breakfast lunch and dinner!!

Today, Tuesday, I have been to the Seachange group meeting and afterwards had a walk around the Bluff similar to what David and I did two weekends ago, but the weather was so much better today. It was a very low tide today when I was there.

One for the record. :-)

Looking over to Queenscliff from the Bluff

this coast line is amazing and looks so much better in fine weather!!

Surf pounding in!

This afternoon I started back into the Aussie Hero quilt and sadly some un-sewing had to happen, I am using the new machine and am finding it different to the old one, this one seems to be making the fabric travel under the foot, so I had better check what I am doing...I have another 2 strips on, but now I am going crooked and off the backing fabric!!! Agghhh!! Enough for today I will look at it again tomorrow.
Happy sewing.


I am said...

Hello my lovely friend ,so glad you had a wonderful birthday ,your yard looks fantastic .
Hubby hAs just come home from up Robinvale way and he said the mosquito's were in plaque proportions ,they were every where.
I will either catch up with you tomorrow or Thursday,can't wait to give you a big hug xx

Jo said...

Good to see you spend special time with your family. Your area is beautiful and the walks are just lovely....
You are settling in to your new home well by the looks of things.
Take care

Raewyn said...

Oh so good to have some family time - and to get the boys working too! Such beautiful scenery around you :-) I'm sure you will nut out your machine, your quilt looks like it will be a real beauty.

Leeanne said...

Looks like some nice family time. How are you liking the new house?

Fiona said...

What a lovely family time Sue - very special. It's great to have those specially signed blocks for your quilt... what fun

retdairyqueen said...

Great photos Thanks for sharing
Your garden looks lovely

Julie said...

Some great photos there Sue. Your garden is looking wonderful ... gosh I wish I had some help with shovelling all my mulch .. its just me & the cats ... & the 4 legged creatures are no help at all !!! Your section looks as though it is quite large?

Pamela said...

Such beautiful photographs.

Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

Lots of happy happenings going on at your home. That Aussie quilts is going to be a good one, a real talking point with the signatures. Take care with the mozzies, so many diseases spread by them.

Happy days.

Ondrea said...

You must have been thrilled to have your 2 boys home for the day. Loving the quilt. Looks like you did get the autographs. Well done! Bugger about having to do so much reverse sewing. Best to walk away from it a day or 2. Lovely pics on your walk. It was a beautiful day here yesterday and now it is back to winter. Grrrrr and brrrrr.

Chookyblue...... said...

glad the mozzies have spread a bit further........we've had them for too long now.......
you got to great spots.......just beautiful........