Saturday, March 18, 2017

Gisborne Retreat - super photo heavy

Last week I was up in Gisborne on retreat with some ladies from the Bellarine Quilters, there were only 6 of us as some ladies pulled out. We had a great time, lots of sewing, chatting and eating of good food happened, also some singing and even dancing!! I was too slow to catch that on film!!
I forgot to take a photo early on but this was my progress on the Dignity Quilt for the Guild.

Sue J had her Japanese quilt all set out ready to sew.

Margaret finished her first block on a maze quilt..this took a lot of working out

decorations near the cutting table

Good advice

More decorations on the wall

Lesley made her first butterfly block, it needs a body but that will come later

Lesley was also adding borders to her Kissing Fish quilt

progress, I had to remake two blocks, they had slipped thru Robyn's and my quality control the week before!!

Margaret's progress

Angela was making New York Beauty blocks..

Tuesday morning the Dignity Quilt top is finished!!
Sue is making great progress

a few more butterflies have arrived

the first of the next four blocks is done by Margaret.

Carleen and I went out to do a spot of a good way to clear the head and return fresh to sew some more! I did have to scramble up a bank and got stuck coming back down, but eventually found my way!! Sometimes I forget my age!!

this beautiful Swoon quilt decorates one wall

we could choose a pillow from the Buffet!!

Angela was working on this quilt as well as the New York Beauty blocks...another border was being created
Tuesday I started work on Shane

the girls were working away

Sue J finished her quilt top.

Margaret finished her blocks,

and then put on the final borders..isn't it an amazing quilt!!

We had a late night visitor!!

I was really happy with the progress I made with the mosaic pictures 

Carleen was doing some work on her Japanese lady 

Thursday morning found Carleen and I in the Gisborne Botanic gardens looking for another cache, and yes we found it!!

We also paid a visit to Mary at  Patch n Quilt 

she has a beautiful shop and there is so much to look at!

The girls at the other end of the table, creating!!
Sue J moved on to some interesting paper pieced blocks

Our final lunch together

On Thursday morning Margaret put together this quilt top with blocks Angela had cut ready to go.

On the way home Carleen and I stopped to find two geocaches in Bacchus Marsh, it made a good break to the journey.
Are you still with me???? Hope I haven't put you to sleep!!
We had a great few days.
Today was Geelong Guild Day and our speaker was Michelle de Groot. She spoke about her quilting journey and showed us some beautiful quilts, sadly I left the camera at home!!
Tomorrow I am back to Barwon heads and the Seachange Quilters exhibition..I have duties to do!!
Happy sewing.


marina said...

Wow Sue, what amazing creations made by you all! Thanks for showing them.
Such clever ladies, looks like you all enjoyed yourselves and had some very productive sewing.

Jo said...

You are amazing Sue. Love all the work that was done. Really like the maze quilt. Well done Margaret

Leeanne said...

What an awesome retreat! So much accomplished! AND it is decorated appropriately!

Robyn Pidgeon said...

absolutely fabulous ... you are all so amazing and the dignity quilt look great....

Cattinka said...

The blue and yellow quilt reminds me of the ones we made for two ladies of my patchworkgroup who turned 60, we used the same blocks and the same colours.And I like your photo quilts, I would like to make one myself someday.

Fiona said...

amazing work from all of you... such talent....

Pamela said...

Such amazing quilts! I would really love to attend these get togethers.

Raewyn said...

Wow what a great retreat - lucky you! So much beautiful work done. Your boys look amazing (!) and the Dignity quilt is beautiful.