Friday, May 5, 2017

FNWF and catch up

It is that time once again...I can not believe another month is here already! But I will be gearing up to sew! You can sew along by signing up over at Cheryll's, she is our lovely host.
I was up in Gisborne on Tuesday and Wednesday, had dinner with Marg and Tracee, which was very nice, we even had pavlova!! Yum!! Hair dresser appt followed the next day so I am now all glamorous again!! Lol!! Well the gray is covered anyway!
Yesterday the Supervisor and I went for a walk along the beach, every vertical object was watered I promise and not by me!!!!

some splashing around happened, which he enjoyed but meant we had wet dog for the rest of the day!!

I fired up late in the afternoon, sewed the Aussie hero quilt together....and then sandwiched it.....just did it as I was going to do, so I hope the recipient likes it!!

Then I taped together some wadding for the baby quilt, ready to sew together.
then I finished the hand sewing the binding on this charity quilt for the Seachange Quilters.
Today my car was in for a service, I had to be in Geelong at 7.45am ( way too early for me!) Car dropped off,  I decided to go for a walk and do some geocaching
there was some lovely colour in the sky this morning 

some wonderful reflections on the Barwon River this morning

Nice place to walk this!!
I am off now to set myself up for sewing tonight.
Happy sewing.


I am said...

Hi Sue,lovely post ,my daughter and GD have rowed on the Barwon river it is a lovely spot.xx

Leeanne said...

Nice post.......I feel like we are sewing together!

Ondrea said...

More lovely projects. Gee, I don't envy you getting up that early for the car service! Love your new header.

Pamela said...

Great photos. I love your new header also!

desertskyquilts said...

That was one busy day! And way too early a start today, but a nice walking area.

Jo said...

God to see you being so busy. Always fun to spend time with Tracee and Marg. Nice sewing..Tapai loving the sea.

Julie said...

Beautiful photos Sue - such pretty scenery around where you live. How nice to be sitting sewing out on your lovely deck. Happy Weekend to you Sue xxx Love the new header - the Supervisor will be so chuffed with himself !!!

marina said...

a lovely week... some great walks out your way.
great job on the sewing front too.

Chris H said...

As everyone said, lovely scenery around your area. You certainly have a lot of sewing on. Good for you... I'm finally getting back into mine. Yaaa.

Chookyblue...... said...

lot of projects....enjoy your walk......