Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Monday was sit and sew at Portarlington, I had some squares ready to sew into a quilt top, these squares had been given to the group to be made into a quilt for others. One of the other ladies had forgotten the fabric she had cut to sew on the day so she took one lot of squares to sew for me.
by the end of the day Carleen had this top done, this one might need some borders??

and I had this one finished, might so some borders on this too, still thinking.
the sky was interesting on the way to Port, 

there were some interesting clouds, think the weather is changing.
I did the grocery shopping on the way home and found some beetroot on special so I  made
beetroot chutney! Yum!!
There was a little show and tell
This is a QFO made by Irene, from scraps

And Angela was busy quilting this quilt, it is going to the home her Mum was living in for their Spring fair raffle.

Today I have been to Barwon Heads for sit and sew at Sea Change they had some packs made up for quilts to be made so this afternoon I put together this one together
Pretty quick and easy, just a panel and strips. Ready to go back for sandwiching and quilting.
Off to do more now.
Happy sewing.


Leeanne said...

Nine saying...............you can't go wrong with nine patch blocks.

Ondrea said...

Looks like you had a lovely day at Portarlington. Yes, I think borders would look good on those charity quilts. Interesting thing in the water...have no idea what it is. Yummy chutney. Love the Frozen quilt. One of my little great nieces would loooove that . She was so into Frozen when it first came out. Keep warm tonight.

Jo said...

Great charity work Sue...

Pamela said...

You are so good to make up all these quilts! Beautiful photos. You must love living where you do.

Moose-ings said...

You're getting so much done! Lovely quilts, they'll make someone happy - and warm!

I am said...

Hi Sue lovely quilts,you are amazing how quick you whip them up xx

Fiona said...

Good to see you are keeping yourself busy and useful!! I got some beetroot chutney from my SIL in the UK - yummo... I haven't had it before.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Some great projects there Sue. Beetroot chutney yummo! I hope that change isn't too chilly down there x

Cheryll said...

Tasty post with eye candy...what more could I ask...xox