Monday, November 20, 2017

Catch up 1

Life has been a bit hectic for the last week, this afternoon is catch up time!
I took the Supervisor for a walk the other day, we had some rain and the corellas were out playing on the power lines
Off we go

these corellas were swinging around in circles having a wonderful time!

The Supervisor had a paddle!
I did some gardening when we got home and came in looking like a beetroot!!
Need to work on the selfie photo!!
Saturday was Guild day and we were shown some of the quilts that members have made for the Children's Hospital
sorry for the photo quality, I had to get between peoples heads!

I like this scrappy one

this is cute

love the colours on this one

this is one of three quilts a Guild member gave Judy, the lady on the left. The owner had fallen out of love with it, so Judy cut it up and remade it into three quilts for the hospital. Looks great.

This was one of two blankets made by Margaret's sister Jenny in WA. They were both beautifully made and I am sure will be loved.

Our speaker for the meeting was Caroline Sharkey,. one busy talented lady!

This is one of her mini quilts, lots of layers of fabric and thread...

and another, there were many quilts to look at and ooh and aah over!!

this is fabric she us experimenting with, taking photos of small parts of her quilts and having them reproduced ...they looked amazing.

These very luck ladies won the special raffle prizes, a wall hanging of Byron Lighthouse and framed textile art.

You can see the crowd wanting a close look at Caroline's quilts after the talk.
Tomorrow (which actually was yesterday) I am off to do a workshop with Caroline , looking forward to that.
Happy sewing.


Jo said...

Carolyn Sharkey is amazing. Not sure if you know each other but Jenni was there too.

Pamela said...

Looks like a great guild meeting!

Michelle Ridgway said...

What a fantastic the show and tell and your special visitors amazing work. Thanks for sharing xx

Chookyblue...... said...

Good to hear of a walk...... Lovely show and tell...... Hope the workshop went well.....

Raewyn said...

It looks like a really interesting guild meeting and very inspiring too! Those Corellas look like they are having a great time - and seem to be very entertaining critters! Hope the workshop went well.

Robyn Pidgeon said...

Love your cheeky corellas and the how and tell... is that Tracee I see as one of the winners...

Fiona said...

How lovely t see those close up...

Susan said...

Thank you for sharing all those beautiful quilts and projects. You have such a great guild.