Thursday, November 9, 2017

Catching up...super photo heavy

Saturday Eve and I headed off to find garage sales and on out way found the local market was on, so diverted there first. We ended up finding 6 garage sales and then a school fete in Geelong, I was a bit tired by the time we got back home around 4pm!!

Sunday afternoon we went for a look at the local lagoon, to see what kinds of birds Eve could spot

we found geese and seagulls

and this unusual large duck that was not at all bothered we were getting up close and personal.

we stopped out at Swan Bay to look at the birds but there was a freezing wind blowing in from the water so we headed off to Van Loons nursery for coffee and a cake! 

Monday I got the Aussie hero quilt boxed up ready to post

I tried some writing in the quilting!

After going to sewing group at Port we headed off to Queenscliff and had a look at the op shops and antique shops, this church had a book sale on, so Eve was looking at the books while I looked at the beautiful windows.

There was choral music playing and the room felt so peaceful.

Wednesday morning I took the Supervisor for a walk, it was a bit of a dull morning.
Today was better

no tree went unchecked....or watered!!

lots of people were out fishing

the beach was very peaceful and I found some wonderful beach glass.
Back home I cut most of the finished flower heads off the echium

and came inside looking like a beetroot!!

Later I packed yp the 12 Days of Christmas swap presents, they are all ready to go, 

sewed up the gap in the dolls coverlet and tried out some tying quilting...not sure if that is the correct thing to call it! Just the label to do now

I headed off down the garden to bring in the washing, the Supervisor had to decide did he come along or did he stay on the back deck!! He has arthritis in his legs so while moving around is good for him, he does find the stairs challenging some days!

the nearly pruned echium, the green waste bin is stuffed full so the last few heads can go next time, I did get in the way of some bees having a look at the last few blue flowers, hopefully there is food there for them.

It was beautiful sitting down the back yard until the mosquito found me and moved me along!

The Supervisor supervised!

and watched me get the washing off the line...someone has to make sure it is done properly I guess.

Later on I am hoping to cut some more star shapes out of this fabric.
We are off to Canberra tomorrow, hubby has a war gaming thingie on and I am helping with the driving. Have taken lots of sewing and shortage of things I can do.
Happy sewing.


Pamela said...

Lots of things to see and do! I look forward to seeing your progress on your take along projects.

marina said...

You’re such a busy bee. Love the kookaburras on your hero quilt!
Safe travels to Canberra, at least you’ve loaded up some projects to work on.
Happy days!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Wow you have been very busy! You do live in a beautiful spot. Gorgeous windows! You have done a wonderful job on your Kookas. Safe travels xx

Chookyblue...... said...

Busy busy but it all sounds great fun..... Enjoy Canberra.....

Jo said...

Good for you Sue.. pack plenty of sewing to keep busy

Julie said...

You sure pack alot into your days Sue .. you would've needed a wee rest by the time Eve went home. The Supervisor is looking very well & healthy despite his arthritus. Hope you have a great time in Canberra Sue Xxx

Leeanne said...

great photo's! The stained glass are lovely. Look at your quilting........go girl......I have some competition here!

Fiona said...

lots of lovely things happening at your place and great walks. I do love stained glass windows... so clever and artistic. Enjoy your trip - lucky for crafters we never get bored...

Lin said...

Busy week then! I love the stained glass - the one with the fishes. Lovely pictures. xx