Friday, March 30, 2018


has been the activity of choice today. I met up with Carleen and Des, quilting and geocaching friends and we went via Leopold where I found two of Des's caches and then on to the East Geelong cemetery where we set out to follow directional points and clues and to identify grave stones and gather clues.
We thought we would be there for maybe an hour ...two and a half hours later we headed home!! But we had lots of fun and laughter and confusion over which way was North!!
The photos have come in the wrong order but not to worry!
Our beach walk yesterday morning

The Supervisor had a paddle

some beautifully coloured shells had been washed up

this orange one was tiny

One statue at the cemetery today

this is the original Geelong cemetery and we were taken to many names we recognised, it was very interesting poking around.
Yesterday I started joining some knitted squares together for a KOGO blanket

one side looks plain

the other I have joined by doing crochet.
The next installemtn of Doing the Rounds has arrived

more curved seams to sew!

and lots of luscious fabric. How pretty does that look.
I am off to the couch to finish off that blanket.
Happy Easter.


Chookyblue...... said...

Have fun with the next round of you bom....... Love the pics....

Jo said...

Great job with the crochet/knitting.. some lovely sewing is going to be happening very soon.

Pamela said...

I love reading about your geocaching adventures. Pretty pictures - the shells are gorgeous.

KaHolly said...

Luscious fabric, indeed! As are you’re photos of your adventure. I hike. A lot! And come across the occasional geocache, which is always fun. My SIL's brother is really into it and travels the state, competitively.

Julie said...

Have been thinking of you this weekend Sue & hope you are having a wonderful time. Your blanket looks lovely all crocheted together. Those fabrics in your next bundle are mouth watering!! Happy creating Sue.

Raewyn said...

It sounds like a fun and interesting time - nice to have friends who do it too so you can help confuse each other with it!! The crochet has given the blanket an extra dimension and looks lovely! Wow, have fun with the next round of stitching - the fabrics are gorgeous! Happy Easter.

Fiona said...

interesting caching... it's like a treasure trail.... woolen blankets are so lovely and snug and looking forward to your next round...

Ondrea said...

Love the colours in that blanket. Hope you finished it. Yummy fabrics to fondle and drool over. Have fun with the next block. If I hear any swearing here I will know it is you LOL.