Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A finish

and some progress has been happening here
Miss Sheepy is finished, after some encouragement from Maria I did machine sewing on both sides of the binding...looks good on the top, on the bottom the stitching has come on and off the binding...I hope I will improve with practice!  Sure finishes off the quilt a lot quicker than hand sewing, although I do enjoy the hand sewing.
I have three more sections on the go for Doing the Rounds, one appliqued, the other two pinned in place. Slowly getting there
The Supervisor and I had a walk along the beach this morning, we only met one other dog today, it was very quiet
lots of weed has been washed in, in the last day.

there are lots of young fairy wrens bounding around in the bushes..luckily this one stayed still long enough for me to get the camera out

this little one was lower down in the bush

spotted this interesting hole in the cloud

and saw this coming, right before we saw lightening and heard thunder, the Supervisor leapt 6 inches in the air and looked all around for the maker of the LOUD noise...thunder does not usually bother him, but outside it must be different.

more cloud travelling towards Melbourne.
We got a little rained on before we got home and there was a heavy shower about 30 mins later, but not much else. The garden really needs lots of rain.
I have to head into Geelong this afternoon,so had better go get ready.
Happy stitching.


Leeanne said...

Nice quilty sheepy finish.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Very cute Miss Sheepy....wow those clouds looked ominous!

Pamela said...

Very cute finish! Well done! That sky does look a little spooky!

Fiona said...

sheepy is very cute..... I haven't done a lot of machine finishing binding but it is a good one to use for speed. You won't even notice the stitches at the back after a wash or two and it's all snuggled up....

Lovely beach pictures, I do love fairy wrens - they don't visit here sadly...


Ondrea said...

Ooooooo loooove your sheep. Have to agree about hand stitching binding.

Raewyn said...

The sheep is a very cute finish! Doing the rounds is looking good - hand sewing always takes longer than I think it should! Lovely sceninc pictures of the changing sky...lucky you seeing the fairy wrens - they are such lovely wee birds.

Anonymous said...

The storm cloud pictures are amazing! I really like your doing the rounds strips, what a beautiful thing that will be!