Sunday, June 20, 2021

Secret Sewing and a special birthday

 A few weeks ago I was doing secret sewing and not able to show much, today I can reveal! The pattern I found on Instagram, designed by These Clever Hands, called Sew Me Happy. I had lots of fabric left over from the School Girl Sampler so though I would cut into them, because I know who loves them!

There were 4 blocks of two and a half inch squares (that was a lot of cutting!)

Four blocks of four and a half inch squares (slightly easier cutting)

Four blocks of small Hourglass blocks(mmm seam matching required)

and four blocks of larger Hourglass blocks ( happy me)

They made up into this quilt top and actually went together quite well, I tried very hard to not get two colours the same together, but a few snuck together while I was not watching!

I rushed the top over to Joan of Faraway Quilting, quietly as Joan was outside my five km limit for travel, we decided she was an essential service!! Then home to do the binding. A few evenings hand sewing in front of the tele and it was all done.

Ta dah the finished quilt. I am disappointed to say I have not got a photo of this quilt with it's recipient!! It was Ingrid's special birthday last Friday and after a stressful few weeks of can they come, can't they come, do we order things or do we not, Ingrid and Nick were able to come to Point Lonsdale and we could get together.
I told a fib I have a fuzzy photo!!!
Friday we met at Merne at Lighthouse in Drysdale for lunch, I didn't take many food photos, we had 11 courses of the most amazing food, I was very lucky as everything was fine for me to eat, sometimes I got my own special plate!! This is the desert the others had to share, we sang Happy Birthday, the other restaurant goers joined in, wonderful people.

Back at Point Lonsdale Ingrid was banned to upstairs while we set up the table with
cakes and balloons and presents

poppers, bubbles 

This was the lantern cake, it had a fake candle inside that changed colours and shone light thru the sides of the sugar glass panes

The cake was not on a terrible lean, it is my photography!! The sugar glass panes are some of Ingrid's favourite quilting blocks. This was to be a keeper cake but turned out too big to go under the dome Ingrid had.

This was the eating cake decorated with a Betsy Chutchian quilt design that Ingrid is making.

Ingrid was hopeful her besty Kim could come over from Tasmania, but with the virus restrictions that proved impossible sadly. Still Kim is named on the cake, Nick thought a 101st birthday message would be appropriate! (He likes living dangerously!)

Nick and Ingrid with her quilting cake.

I also gave Ingrid the Old Time Kaleidoscope quilt top for her birthday, can't wait to see how it is quilted.
I think that is probable enough for now, are you still awake?
More tomorrow.
Happy stitching.


Julie said...

Oh WoW Sue! I had been thinking of you all & hoped you managed to bring it all together okay. How special & wonderful & what amazing cakes - both of them!! I think your quilt turned out just perfect Sue & I know she loves all those colours & fabrics from her Instagram posts. You are such a good friend Sue. xx

Valerie-Jael said...

Your quilts are fabulous, as always. Glad you were able to have such a wonderful celebration. Love those cakes, what beauties! I've never seen ones like that before! Have a great day, take care, Valerie

Pamela said...

What a fabulous post! The quilts, the cakes, getting together with people, and a birthday! I love birthdays. It looks like it was a wonderful celebration.

ButterZ said...

Lucky lady to get 2 quilts.
Great birthday cakes

Maria said...

The quilt you make for Ingrid is fabulous…..
Such a wonderful birthday with a beautiful special cake….

Lin said...

What a lovely occasion! Amazing cakes and gorgeous gift quilts. xx

Karen's Korner said...

What a fabulous party was organised for Ingrid...well done. You have been busy in the sewing and organising departments.

Fiona said...

Oh how lovely... I didn't realise Ingrid had a special birthday..... and what a lovely day you had together... I love the quilts and the cakes and just how you all celebrated..... wonderful...

loulee said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all. Those cakes are fabulous.

Ali Honey said...

Fabulous cakes!

dq said...

Birthday cakes - WOWZER! You have been so busy lately doing great things! The party looks amazing!