Sunday, November 20, 2022

Time to catch up again

 Since my last post I went to Gisborne on retreat, on the way Carleen and I stopped to find some geocaches

I had found this one before so had an idea of where it was

Carleen spotted it

The cache, the log was in the plastic container in the plane cockpit. This cache is on the road into the Bacchus Marsh airport. Very appropriate we thought.
I think this block was made before going on the retreat. One more for the Anthology collection.

At the end of the last retreat we were each given a bag of green strips from Kates collection of fabric and asked to make some blocks to go into a scrappy quilt, here is progress so far.

I did some green blocks and some joining and the worked on a horse quilt for Belinda

The star blocks have boots and cowboys in the centres.
We went down to the Botanic Gardens in Gisborne for a walk one morning and to find an Adventure Lab
I used to walk the dog here all the time when we lived in Gisborne, and really like these gardens as the plants are all from New Zealand
In the front you can see NZ flax and right up the back is a kowhai tree in flower. In NZ they attract the tui bird for the nectar in the flowers.

There are tadpoles happily living in the puddles here, goes to show how much rain we have had when the tadpoles are thriving!!

We came  home from the retreat Thursday afternoon, Friday I was on duty at the Geelong Show, the Bellarine Quilters had a table there
Despite my gloomy face I was happy to be there, was tired though. The quilt with the red border was the group raffle quilt that was raffled at the quilt show the following weekend.

We had ladies making clothing to go overseas opposite us

a repurposed jacket 

This section always gives me a giggle, the decorated bras

and this cake was stunning.
Saturday was an eventful day although I do not remember any of it, David called an ambulance in the afternoon as he couldn't get any sense out of me, they took me to Geelong Hospital and then I was taken to the Royal Melbourne, where I was operated on for a brain aneurysm and kept in hospital for a week. I had a Level 1 bleed, lowest on the scale and fixable thank goodness. The week I came home David was going to Adelaide for a wargaming gathering so I stayed with Adam and Beth, they were wonderful and waited on me hand and foot - I had lots of company
Beth is keeping well and the baby is growing

Tira was keeping an eye on everything

Hank found his favourite squeaky toy, this one has lasted for ever! Usually he bites the squeaker out but for some reason, not this one.
After a week I went back home.
I have had a few walks up the back yard since coming home - I am one more week to go before I am allowed to ride my bike and go walking, we have had so much rain the garden is growing like mad and everything looks so good.

I was given some poppy seeds and scattered them around the garden - I was told this one is the heroin poppy and to pull it out before it seeds...I thought I was doing well getting it to grow! I had another one here but it got damaged in the last bout of bad weather

the flowers are inside and are slowly opening,  it is a beautiful flower.

Sorry for the bad photo, I started another wasgij

and today I have finally put borders on a panel Jenny gave me about 4 years ago now to get it quilted.

and Jill very kindly put the border on the horse quilt for me, I think I used up all my brownie points there. It is always hard to take over someone else's project especially when there is no pattern and just and idea of using up pieces cut and not used in the quilt. Jill did an amazing job and I am very grateful. This also is ready to go to the quilters.
ok that is me up to date.
I think I need a snooze now!
Happy stitching.


Kim said...

Oh my goodness, Sue, this is dreadful news that you had a brain aneurysm! I am relieved the surgery was successful and you are recovering. As for all the quilts in this post, they are lovely. The horse theme quilt is fabulous. A fabulous gathering of green blocks, too. Please, please take care, lovely Sue. Xx

Pamela said...

I have missed your posts, but thought you must be busy. I'm glad you are doing well again! How worrisome! Take care and get your strength back.

ButterZ said...

Oh Sue, please slow down and take care of yourself. That is so scary for everyone. I’m so glad David picked up on the signs and called the ambulance. All the sewing projects look great. So glad you enjoyed your retreat. Rest up and take care.

local alien said...

Love the way you just calmy popped in your life threatening hospital stay between the quilts and the poppies!
So glad to hear youre home again sage and sound. Take care!

Gail said...

Wow! So many adventures. The hospital one was scary even though it came out alright. I hope you continue to heal. I am looking forward to meeting you at Scrub Stitching! Blessed Be.

Karen's Korner said...

Gosh what a fright you had. I had been wondering why you were not I know. Hope you are back up to speed soon.

Fiona said...

Oh my gosh Sue, no half measures for you!!! So glad the bleed was caught early - well done David for picking that up and acting quickly. Wonderful news about a baby.... how exciting!! of course you have done lots of lovely sewing and been kept busy... but hopefully taking it a bit quieter for recouperation.
All the best...xx

Julie said...

Hiya Sue ... so pleased you're feeling well enough to blog again. A great catch up post. I did not know that Beth was having a baby - how wonderful & also exciting that you will be a grandparent. You will make the best grandparent Sue. Remember to take care of yourself Sue. xx

Maria said...

Oh dear how scary was that for David. Thankfully he called an ambulance ­čÜĹ and they were able to fix the bled.
Please take care of yourself…and slow down.
You’ve been so busy going to retreat, sewing etc..
Wonderful news about the baby….

Lin said...

What a scare! So glad all is well and that you are making a good recovery. The horse quilt worked out really well and it's always good to travel with you. Stay safe and rest up. xx

Christine M said...

Oh Sue. That is not good to hear. I hope you are feeling much better. Sending you hugs, Christine xx

Janice said...

Oh my goodness! You have been in the wars. What a relief that all will be well. Take care of yourself and don’t rush back into things. It sounds like your retreat and the show both went well.

jude's page said...

Great to go on retreat and get things done, and do pray that you will continue to heal. Take care of your self and rest up.

loulee said...

Oh my goodness. So pleased you have recovered well from what must have been a terrible scare for you both.
It looks and sounds like you had a great time at the retreat and the quilt show.
Take care and look after yourself.

dq said...

It was fun to see parts of your horse quilt in photos from your retreat and then see it all come together so beautifully at the end!
YOur back yard is amazing! I am happy to hear you will be able to walk and do more very soon after your scary health incident.
Also, so glad you could go to the retreat. Thanks for the photos you shared from that.

Susan said...

OMGosh - I am so far behind in blog reading - but I'd heard you had been "unwell".. Thank goodness everything is OK now....well, I hope so.

Take Care
Love looking at your projects - always busy!

Susan said...

Love seeing what you are doing. I'm glad I didn't miss the end of the Anthology project! I love seeing your garden with the beautiful flowers. I guess all the rain, while annoying, must have been helpful, too. At least to tadpoles!