Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Aussie Hero quilt

Has been finished and posted
Now to the next one currently under construction
I have messed up the feet so need to redo them, I forgot to have my picture I am tracing from in reverse so I am working backwards 🙃🤪 does funny things to my brain! 
I have just been for a covid booster, have been told no strenuous exercise for two days 🤣 no problem there, the nurse didn't consider sewing strenuous!! 
A Finn photo from the weekend taken by Beth in the suit Mary bought him. Finn now has three teeth on the top and is chewing like mad, so maybe more are moving around.
My plan for today is to clean the inside of the car so I had better go and do it, gently!! 😁
Have a mosiacs class this afternoon which I am looking forward too.
Happy stitching.


  1. The number of Aussie Hero quilts you make is amazing! Babies grow so fast.

  2. Very cool Aussie quilt finish, Sue, and I am intrigued and looking forward to seeing your next one. Gosh Finn is looking healthy and well - such a cutie with that big smile. I hope you had a fun mosaic class!

  3. Nice finish Sue. I had covid jab last week, flu and pneumonia this week! My poor arms are feeling sore. xx

  4. Another good donation quilt. The next one looks interesting. Love the toothy smiling Finn

  5. Happy smile. Good job with the AHQ.. Enjoy the mosaic class. Sounds like fun

  6. Amazing quilts. And Finn is such a cutie. Take it easy!

  7. Great Aussie Hero quilt. So annoying when things go wrong.
    A gorgeous photo of Finn, he’s growing so fast.
    Will be relaxing doing the mosaic class but not sure about cleaning the car.

  8. Your quilts are gorgoeus, as always. And Finn gets lovelier day by day, what a handsome little boy! Hugs, Valerie

  9. Great quilt - I struggle to think backwards too! Finn's teeth came through quickly and he looks very smart in his suit.... enjoy the mosaic

  10. Are the hero quilts for humans or service dogs? Either way it is a wonderful tribute and it's a great quilt. Your Finn is the cutest! I bet he is wonderful to cuddle. I can't remember the last time I held a little one. I miss that. They are so precious. Take it easy! Those Covid shots usually have me sleeping the day away...or 2!


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