Friday, April 21, 2017


Today hubby and I ventured into the city by problems from this end it was a good trip. I got the tram up to Spring St and then walked. I was hoping to see some of the War Quilts that Fiona has been sharing with us on  her blog. I couldn't find them anywhere and when I asked one of the info ladies she said they had been at the show last year!! Bummer!!! The powers that be had not updated the web site properly, I was not the only person who had asked for their Fiona you were right, the quilts can not be in two places at the same time!!!
But I enjoyed the quilts on display and ran into Shez, Barb and Ann,  so it was a pleasure to see some familiar faces. Photos were allowed for private use, so here we go!!
Just loved this one, kangaroo in Aussie fabrics

with a butterfly nose!!How cute is that??

these are both beautiful!

this was HUGE!! Loved the colours!

this was from an 11 meter quilt made by a NZ quilter, she made one block a day in her 60th year, I liked this saying.

the info about her and the quilt

part of the quilt

one walk way in the quilt display

a variation on the good old clamshells, beautifully made

this is blurry I am sorry, taken in a hurry between bodies!!An amazing pixilated quilt, taken from a photo of an adopted child from Africa.

another quilt made one block each day for a year

I do not fully understand how it was made but the explanation is here.

this one is all done by hand, and over time using fabric scraps

I could have taken so many more photos, but restrained myself!! It was a great show to go and look at.  I did have a look at the traders but it was very crowded and after begin told by one woman I had touched the pattern she was going to buy I decided to call it a day.

The back of the Exhibition Buildings, it is an amazing building,inside and out.

and the trees in the park next to the building...just starting to drop their leaves.
The train trip home was long as someone on the train in front of us was an unruly passenger and had to be removed by the police. We sat in Footscray station for ages and were 30 mins late getting into Geelong, then we had to get off our train and wait for the next one to get to Geelong South. But all was good I had some stitching so the time passed fairly quickly The Supervisor was waiting for us when we got home so I took him on a walk to the beach.

a little different weather that yesterday.  But the cobwebs got blown away!
Hubby has dinner sorted and the pizza has arrived so I am off to eat while it is hot.
Have a great weekend.


Pamela said...

Thanks for taking me to the quilt show. Making a block a day for a year is interesting!

I am said...

Hi Sue I have been home for about 1/2 hr the traffic coming home was very congested,I am the same as you it's been a big day.
Glad you have some pics of the quilts we didn't get a chance to see them,too busy shopping,sorry you had a bad experience,I would be happy to share my pattern with you,lol.
It was great to see you today my friend xx

Cheryll said...

Thanks for taking me along too...
I very much enjoyed it... xox

Jo said...

The show looked good. It is always a tiring day....

Julie said...

Great post Sue. Thanks for sharing your amazing photos. I actually really liked that idea of the lady making a block a day for her 60th year & loved the photo of it ... but I was thinking I wasnt sure how you would display it as its so huge. Beautiful though. I can remember travelling on the train from Kilmore into the city & having the same kind of experience as you with an unruly passenger ... I found it a tiny bit scarey & lots of the other passengers were frightened. You sure do get to see all sorts on those trains ... sounding like the rural girl that I am !!!!! Happy Weekend to you Sue xx

Anthea said...

nothing like an unruly passenger to make a train trip feel long & confining... but wow the rest of the day looked to have been so enjoyable... such an incredible display!

marina said...

Lots of beautiful quilts there!
Bummer about the war quilts I was hoping to see them too after seeing them on the net advertised.
Thought they were making a super quick flight from Queensland

Raewyn said...

Wow, lots of beautiful quilts.... how cool that you were able to go, so inspiring! And what a beautiful building it is housed in. Thank you for sharing the photos - amazing those huge quilts!! (I'd read about the 60th one in the NZ quilter mag but didn't realise it was so big!).

newsurfiegirl said...

Wow the quilt show would have been amazing to see. Thanks for sharing some photos of it. Love the Animals they are just stunning!