Thursday, June 1, 2017


day is zipping by!! This morning the Supervisor and I went for an amble along the beach and back, it was a very slow one this morning. The washing was done while we were out, some is hanging outside just as wet as when it went up, the rest is over one of the heating vents! Might have to bring the outside washing in very soon.
One Aussie Hero quilt top is finished
Managed to get the chevrons, white and colour and forgot to put the owners picture of her dog in a block. I remembered at 2am last night. So it will have to be appliqu├ęd on later.
Today I have been cutting blocks for another Aussie Hero quilt
I have been waiting for fabric for this one but can wait no longer as the deadline can't be extended again. I still have purple and still have a few schnauzers, just not as many as I had hoped. I have also sorted some of the 9 inch squares I was given and they are ready to make half square triangles.
 This afternoon the Supervisor had an appt at the vet, he was due for a needle for his arthritis, so we have done that

And now are back home again. I am going to do some more sewing and the Supervisor will rest and recover from his traumatic ordeal!!!!
Happy sewing. 


Leeanne said...

Full steam ahead! And the supervisor will be more helpful now that he has had his shots! P.S the Chevron looks great.

Ondrea said...

OOO I hope the supervisor is feeling okay. Poor thing. Love those purples in that quilt.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue your chevron is looking good,glad tupai is ok xx

Julie said...

Gosh you sure do churn out those Aussie Hero quilts Sue - I am always amazed at all you accomplish. Just look at that Supervisors face .... "SHE took me to the Vets & they jabbed me with a needle!!!!!!" Priceless.

Michelle Ridgway said...

The Chevron looks great! You are a whizz with your Aussie Hero quilts! Poor Supervisor hope it wasn't too much of an ordeal......they definitely sense the vet vibes don't they x

Pamela said...

I am so impressed by how much you are able to do!