Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday madness (photo heavy)

Well I have decided today is mad day as so many people have told me I am mad....must be very silly all kinds of things as I am working on tiny hexies
here is the first one finished, this is to be added to Doing the Rounds

to give you and idea of the real size, they are quarter inch hexies

the next lot getting ready, I can see I am going to have trouble getting the fussy cut hexies in the right place on the fabric!
There was some beautiful show and tell today, I only got a few
a string quilt

Lynda has made this for her grandson Paddy to celebrate his love of dirt bike riding

another string quilt in different colours.
I took a couple of photos on my way to sewing this morning

this  lady and dog were enjoying a walk along the beach, every now and then the dog would run into the water and bark and bark!
Shane, #2 son is staying a couple of nights so we went out this afternoon to have a play with our cameras

something of interest ahead!

It has been a windy stormy kind of day

lots of white caps

and photos being taken

and interesting angles being chosen!
loads of barnacles on the boat launching ramp.

the Christmas blocks quilt is together 

the backing to make a sandwich!
Happy stitching.


Michelle Ridgway said...

Love that cute little hexie! I also love thise string quilts. Definitely need one of those lol! Cool dirt bike quilt. My hubby would love that! The ocean is always great in all kinds of weather x

Leeanne said...

You are only crazy if those tiny hexies are growing into a king size quilt! Imagine!!! :-0

Jo said...

Fantastic backing for the Xmas quilt... I do love how those tiny fussy cut Hexies look like roses. Great photo of the white caps with the wooden frame/pier?
Lovely photos

Pamela said...

Those tiny hexies are adorable! Nice photos of the day out with your son and the Christmas quilt looks great.

Fiona said...

I cant even imagine how one would do those really tiny hexagons.... let alone fussy cut them... well done you! Lovely choppy walk and I love your Christmas quilt - I think those long legged robins are my favourite block - perfect backing you found...

Mia said...

I LOVE your tiny hexagons, Kiwi. Kisses, my friend.

Julie said...

Gosh those hexies sure are tiny Sue. Love all your photos ... we are wet & wild & windy here too ... the end of cyclone Gita is coming through at the moment. I am really loving your christmas quilt Sue. Have a great week Xx

marina said...

Love those little hexies, isn’t it fun fussy cutting! I won’t question your sanity...people in glass houses and all that lol
Lovely show and tell and pics from your walk.
Happy sandwiching!

KaHolly said...

You’ve been busy, inside and out!

Raewyn said...

Crazy in the nicest sort of way Sue! Fun to see you out and about with your son photographing too! Nice show and tell at sewing....and your Christmas quilt is looking good :-)

Robyn Pidgeon said...

such teeny tinny hexies but beautiful... and wow the Christmas quilt is looking fablous...

Diane-crewe said...

not MAD just a little insane!! lol x LOVE the pictures of the wild weather .. your assistant seems to be doing well! lol x