Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The last few days

I put the last border on the Japanese quilt

This went on to the loo to be used, but never fear, one box is empty, we have another one in the cupboard!

Yesterday about midday I went for a walk along the beach, I met 10 other people, we all gave each other a wide berth!!

We had warm weather a couple of weeks ago and of course people came to the beach and didn't observe social distance, so now the beaches are closed unless you observe the new rules. The public toilets are closed too.

I walked back thru the bush just below the bluff and road.

This morning I decided to do circuits of the back yard, Brian Heron looks very happy in his spot.

Hubby has been removing the old echium, he wants to plant a tree, a liquid amber, so some space had to be made.

I wore the appropriate footwear for the damp grass kind of day. I didn't count the number of rounds I did, but it was quite a few, I ended up walking a bit under 2 km, which is not bad for me at present.

two more hearts have been stitched

and I have started a long neglected Old Time Kaleidoscope block, I managed to sew them the wrong way to start and so did some unsewing!! Story of my life!

I also started this panel, which has been featured on Instagram by Sarah Edgar,  #sewalittlehappinesseveryday Michelle is working on this too. This photo doesn't show the grids very well. So far I have 4 buttons, a pin and part of a letter stitched! 
Nothing like having lots of things to do!
I am off to sandwich a quilt.
Happy stitching.


Valerie-Jael said...

Well done on walking so much, love your boots, very stylish. Your sewing is great, as always. No sign of toilet paper anywhere here, I still have enough for 2 weeks, but then....Take card, stay safe. Hugs, Valerie

Jenny said...

It's always good to get those last borders on and any walk is a good walk so they say. I think the little hearts match your boots. Stay safe.

Janice said...

Yep, you have lots to do. It must have felt good going for a walk along the beach and through the scrub. I love the centre of your latest Old Kaleidoscope block.

Cheryll said...

Well at least you get to see everything IN your yard by doing laps.
Much safer too...xox

Maria said...

LOL pleased the Emergency Loo Roll isn't your last.
Good to be working on different projects.
I really must go for a wonder to the beach but so far have stayed home except for the weekly shop.
Like you I walk around the yard but ours is 5 acre block. lol.

Fiona said...

Good to see you are getting back to the walking.... hope it is helping.... lovely quilt top. Amazing how we value toilet paper now! haha.... I was tempted with that sew every day... but realistically I won't manage and I have very limited imagination... so I enjoy Michelles... and now yours too...


Julie said...

Everything looks lovely Sue. I think they may have closed beaches here too as people were congregating. Also going out in boats. I have seen that stitch along on Instagram - it looks great. Pleased you are managing to walk quite a distance now Sue. Take care xx

Angie said...

It's a shame that people can't follow the rules, and then everyone pays the price. Good for you to get out and get some exercise. It is finally warming up here and I am looking forward to getting out in my garden tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Veronica Lee said...

How lucky to have a beach to go to!

Today is Day 22 of our lockdown - I can't believe I haven't gone out of my condo for 22 days!

Lin said...

The Japanese quilt has worked really well Sue. Lots of other nice things on the go too. xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Japanese quilt is looking lovely. Walking in the garden is a great idea. Nice to have another sewing buddy for #sewalittlehappinesseveryday. Good on you xx

Leeanne said...

Oh that toilet roll.....haha........may your fabric & projects be overflowing enough to keep you home safe, sane & creative!

Susan said...

Love the gum boots! I think a lot of people are getting into the garden and house jobs - we have been asked to avoid the tip until after Easter - I'm sure it is going to be even worse then.
A 2kn walk sounds great to me.
Happy Sewing -

Pamela said...

Good for you - keeping up with your walking! You always have such wonderful projects.