Friday, September 8, 2023

This week

I decided it was time to scrub the table on the front deck and to sandwich a quilt that has been on the spare bed for months, it was breezy outside but pleasant
We had the grand fur kids over for the afternoon
They enjoyed their dog peanut butter biscuits
Earlier in the day I had a walk with Beth and Finn
The bookcase quilt has been quilted by Joan and has the binding on, now for a hanging sleeve 
Yesterday I went into Geelong to see an exhibition of Wool and Art quilts at the Wool Museum
It is a amazing old building

This was my favourite, the quilting was stunning

such wonderful detail in the background 

This pledge was in a pocket on the quilt below
This was another favourite
Also on display 
A wedding dress using lace table cloth and doilies 
The coat on the right is made by a NZ born Korean man, made in Korean style
Dress on the left using batik traditions and on the right using Aboriginal weaving

And a bollard of the artist who made all the bollards around Eastern Beach in Geelong.
One last quilt, loved the colours and the tiny blocks
Happy stitching.


  1. Love your churn dash quilt. The exhibition looks interesting. I have a skeleton similar to the one on the quilt sitting on the lounge. Maybe i'll give him a pair of scissors to hold too. lol

  2. Nice to finally get your Churn Dash ready to quilt.
    What an amazing Exabition you visited. Such a lot of different projects on display.
    Lovely day for a walk with Beth and sweet Finn.
    Be great to have your Bookcase quilt hung to enjoy.

  3. What a great exhibition with some stunning exhibits. xx

  4. The ideal place to pin a quilt. What a great exhibition.

  5. The colour combo in your quilt are wonderful. Another beautiful creation.
    The exhibition looks amazing.

  6. I love the look of the quilt you are doing ... and what a lovely exhibition to visit...

  7. How nice to have warmer weather to make being outside pleasant. That exhibition looks incredible and such an ideal backdrop for it. It’s interesting that so many pieces were making a social comment. We enjoyed the Woollen Museum when we visited many years ago.

  8. What an interesting exhibition - some very thought provoking and clever pieces. Nice to have fur-family visiting and walkies with Finn ♥ The churndash quilt looks lovely - the pinky border is a fabulous touch.

  9. Awesome exhibit! Love the quilt. The book quilt looks great..a bit of a favourite. Finn has grown!


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