Thursday, June 29, 2017

Posting time

The Aussie Hero quilt  and the laundry bag are finished and in the post, along with some lollies and TimTams, tea and coffee bags.
The laundry bag was folded and in its box and I forgot to take a photo!!
I have been sewing together some scarves that were destined for sale but failed the shops suitability tests. So they were offered to a Rotary group for giving to not for profit groups. One of the Bellarine ladies is in the Rotary group and so we are all helping her, two sewed together
Two lots of two

Then sewed together, they make a wonderful blanket. These will be going to Geelong Mums or Bethany.

The supervisor avoiding having his photo taken once again!!
Happy sewing.


Jo said...

Love the SHIT meme... how did you put the dogs on the quilt. Did your machine stitch them too.

Michelle Ridgway said...

The quilt turned out great. Sure to be a big hit. Nice upcycling those scarves too. Lovely pic of the Supervisor despite his reluctance lol!

Pamela said...

What a great quilt! Nice finish.

Ondrea said...

Love the doggies in the quilt. Very clever. Great idea using the scarves.

Leeanne said...

Great finishes you busy beaver!

Raewyn said...

Good idea to sew those scarves up and make somethig useful from them. And great to see the Aussie Hero with the dogs on it and all posted away - another tick!