Sunday, March 3, 2024


And family...I didn't get a lot of sewing done
All I did were these two hexagon units for the Tea and Cake quilt

Shane and Rilla arrived around 9pm  along with Miss Miffy who settled in on the couch.

Saturday we went to Van Loons for lunch to celebrate Shane's birthday  sorry only photos of Finn 😁

So many things to look at here!

Finn enjoyed a bub a chino 
Later in the afternoon we all enjoyed Finn's playing
He was taking off and putting on the wooden ball on the beach glass container and thought he was so clever!! We all did!!

So special to have everyone together.
This morning we found Miffy
Climbing the back door screen

The lure of the birds outside was too much. She did have to stay inside though!
I have done a little sewing this afternoon, we now have Hank and Tira staying for a couple of nights

I am off to the lap top to see if I can turn these sideways photos around.
Happy stitching.

PS All good now!!


  1. A busy fun few days with family and fur babies.
    Of course the cutest person was the only one who should be photographed. 😀👍
    Sweet bee hexies.

  2. Those little bee hexies are sweet. Isn't Finn adorable. He is certainly growing. Cats always seem to make comfort a priority wherever they find themselves.

  3. Lovely hexies Sue and great Finn and family photos. Love the pictures of Miffy trying to escape! xx

  4. A few hexies done is progress. You are allowed to show lots of photos of Finn

  5. I love your bee hexes. Family time is special and Finn is adorable. Miss Miffy is very regal looking. So glad you had such a lovely time together xx

  6. Every stitch takes you closer to a finish. Those bees are so cute. Lovely family photos.

  7. Miss Miffy looks gorgeous and I think that she may know it. Lovely family get together. Nice work on the hexies.

  8. looks like a lovely time was had by all.... great little bees in the hexagons...

  9. Lol most of the pics being of phone is full of the boys. That cat is absolutely gorgeous! Glad you had such a lovely cherished time all together.

  10. Just caught up on your blog Sue, Lovely family time, how did Finn get to be a year old?? And some good finishes, well done. Glad someone is getting sewing done.

  11. Sometimes there is just no time to sew when the grandchildren are there. Looks fun . Always time later to sew

  12. I love your family photos Sue, how special to have all the family together xx


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